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BIC Summer Recap

08/23/2017, 8:00pm EDT

Rink 1 Team Room renovations (pictured) were just part of a productive summer at BIC!

Breakaway Staff had their busiest summer to date in preparation for the 2017-2018 season. Along with replacing two major pieces of rink equipment, BIC made a number of renovations and improvements to the facility. Along with these improvement projects, Breakaway also had it's busiest summer ever with ice bookings. Along with our own in-house clinics, BIC welcomed in several major skills groups, youth tournaments, team practices, charity events, adult hockey, pick-up games, and our very own Mite Development Group summer sessions. 

Listed below is a brief description of the projects completed this summer, and information on our equipment upgrades. Our final project of the summer will be replacing the sinks in the lobby restrooms. 

  • Rink 1 Locker Room Renovation- Installed new flooring, benches, coat hooks.
  • Rink 1 Player Benches- Removed and replaced floor frame and rubber. Replaced Rink Threshold.
  • Rink 2 Player Benches- Installed new wall on benches with new paint.
  • Rink 2 Ice- Removed ice, leveled sand floor, replaced Zamboni door threshold, re-secured boards, replaced hardware, installed team logos in neutral zone.
  • Rink Doors, Rooms and Walls- Replaced locker room number signs, painted all team room doors, painted concrete walls, repaired team room walls, ceiling tiles.
  • Main Lobby Renovation- Repainted entrance and hallway walls, moved team room assignment TV to improve flow through lobby, installed news and update station by front desk.
  • New Condensing Tower- Installed new condensing tower for rink 1 refrigeration package.
  • New Zamboni- Purchased new Zamboni to allow for 2 machine ice cuts during weekend games.
  • Restrooms- Replace sinks in main restrooms (date TBD).

            We would like to thank all of the groups, leagues, teams, and players who skated with BIC this summer. We also want to thank everyone who contributed to help raise over $9,000 Women’s Cross Check Cancer Tournament. Concluding our summer will be the Warrior Tournament and ECC Labor Day Tournament. 


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